The Gallery: John Guthrie

The Gallery: John Guthrie

Kyle Freeman
Jul 1, 2008

Silent River

We first spotted one of John Guthrie's colorful paintings at a friend's home in Jamaica Plain. The painting's colorful combination of simplicity and intricacy left a lasting impression. En route to becoming an artist, John made one of the more unusual career shifts we've ever heard of…


John received a degree in Aerospace Engineering in 1985, which he applied to a career in submarine acoustics, eventually trading it in to attend the Massachusetts College of Art in 1992.


As an Art House artist, John's work is described on their website: "While his paintings take on various forms, the subjects of each series are interconnected and speak to his desire to communicate the awe inspired by the grandeur and inherent spirituality he finds in nature. He does this by combining increasingly complex and sophisticated combinations of colors in patterns that in some ways refer to nature, and that challenge the notions of a color's identity."


John has had solo shows at Judy Ann Goldman Fine Art and at Green Street Gallery in Boston. For now, you can check out his work on his elegant and user-friendly website.


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