The Gallery: Lisa Candela

The Gallery: Lisa Candela

amy chase
Jul 10, 2008

"Virgin Surfboard", 19X19, hand-made driftwood frame. ed 3/7

Introducing Lisa Candela's color-saturated photographs from her Sayulita series. See more luscious images of endless summer below...

"Green Bikinis" 9 x 6.5, edition: 1/7

Candela takes all her photographs on film, then makes limited edition digital archival pigment prints on this wonderful heavy watercolor paper. And in her gallery on Crosby street -- you can see each encased like little treasures in hand-made frames of driftwood (made by her partner David Decker).

"Mary" 3.75 x 5, edition: 3/7

Some are small, almost devotional works... and others large enough to let you step into the sunshine...

"Surf Baja" 24 x 16, edition: 1/7

"Meagan" 23 x 15.5, edition: 1/7

"Ice Cream For Dan"11 x 8, edition: 1/7

"Walnuts and Marigolds" 16 x 12, edition: 1/7

"Banderas" 27 x 27, edition: 1/7

"Love and Marigolds" 7.25 x 10, edition: 1/7

The Candela/Decker gallery has a mix of vintage clothing, antiques, rare books, and artwork -- right now hers, other times other artists -- and feels like you've stepped into a vacation in contrast to the heat and bustle of Soho. Candela is also the curator of the estate of artist Dan Eldon - whose sketchbooks, journals and photographs are a core inspiration and can be found throughout the gallery.

Get over and enjoy all the color -- the gallery is located at 31 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10013. 212-343-1717. Inquiries about the works featured here? Please contact the artist directly via email.

Know any artists whose work would make a home a lovelier place? Send ideas to The Gallery. Thanks!

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