The Gallery: Lori Nix

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Abandoned Car (from the Accidentally Kansas series)

Introducing Lori Nix: a bemused master of disaster…

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Tornado (from the Accidentally Kansas series)

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Snow Storm (from the Accidentally Kansas series)

“Lori Nix is an artist who bends the line between truth and illusion in her photographs. She accomplishes this by photographing miniatures and models which illuminate her interest in the disaster movies of the 1970s and her memories of growing up in Kansas—a place that seems to attract disasters like no other.” (quote from Jeffrey Hoon)

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Park (from the Some Other Place series)

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School Bus (from the Accidentally Kansas series)

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Birdhouses (from the Lost series)

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Clock Tower (from The City series)

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Museum of Art (from The City series)

Inquiries? Please contact the artist directly via email. Or contact one of these galleries that represent her work:

Miller Block Gallery in Boston

Jenkins Johnson Gallery in SF and NYC

G. Gibson Gallery in Seattle

Stephen Cohen Gallery in LA

Thanks for the tip Joni!

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