The Gallery: Margaret Lanzetta

The Gallery: Margaret Lanzetta

amy chase
Feb 8, 2007

Glassblower I, acrylic and pigmented pulp on paper, 36" x 50"

Introducing Margaret Lanzetta.

Good lord, who knew that dueling carpet, wallpaper, upholstery and metal work patterns could take one's breath away so!?

I'm an unabashed pattern fan, and so when I met Ms. Lanzetta two nights ago and was handed her card -- featuring the tiniest fragment of one of her paintings, the one above in fact -- I knew immediately i'd have to share her work with AT readers.

Midsummer's Marriage I (Tippett). Enamel, acrylic, pigmeted pulp, 36 x 25

The Favorite (Donizetti). Enamel, acrylic, pigmeted pulp, 33 x 24

The artist, considering her work in a larger social context, explains that her,"paintings explore the current state of affairs in the world; widespread cultural overlap and dislocation. War, political upheaval, and social and economic devastation give rise to massive global migration, resulting in disparate cultural overlaps and clashes. Who is rooted to where they live now? Whose culture is dominant? With over 30 million both legal and illegal immigrants in the US alone, this cultural clash becomes the fabric of daily life for the world."

The Knot Garden I (Tippett). Enamel, acrylic, pulp, 36 x 25

Parsifal II (Wagner). Enamel, acrylic, pigmeted pulp, 28 x 22

I like the metaphor of artist as DJ at the mixing table, spinning and weaving motifs from different cultures, experimenting with scale and repetition, to create a new fabric.

Arc of Stability. Enamel, acrylic, pigmented pulp on paper mounted on canvas, 36 x 50

Distant Theatres, Enamel and acrylic on canvas mounted to wall, 144" x 120" (Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston 2006)

The three works above are available for sale through the standout-gallery in Larchmont, Kenise Barnes Fine Art. Prices range from $1,000 to $5500 for paintings on canvas.

Ambidextrous, 2005. Oil and enamel on canvas, 56"h x 40"w

Jouvenilia, 2002. Oil on Canvas, 56 x 40

Sonatina, 2005. Oil on Panel, 17 x 17

If you are like me, already casing your apartment for the perfect wall to devote to one of these -- you'll want to know how to reach the artist. Please contact Ms Lanzetta directly via email, or contact Kenise Barnes at Kenise Barnes Fine Art.

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