The Gallery: Michael Merck

The Gallery: Michael Merck

amy chase
Mar 29, 2007

Roof Top Deck, 64"x70" mixed media on canvas

Introducing ">Michael Merck

Working out of Chicago, Merck has been making big, powerful, beautiful paintings that really engage viewers to look closely and decode what's going on. And thankfully, footholds abound in these complex images, providing lots to recognize, associate, and puzzle over.

Boy Blue

Working from the premise that "having an original thought is not possible" – Merck's images seem to each present one slice, one moment in all that swirls about in our shared experience and history, as filtered through his tools and actions as an artist.

Who Poisoned the Taster 2, 64"x70" mixed media

One-Eyed Man, 1

Paper-Diamonds 2

These are the kind of paintings where new ideas and meanings emerge each time you look.



For those interested in delving further – the artist suggests supplemental viewing (rather than reading -- stunningly appropriate): My Life to Live by Jean-Luc Godard as applicable to ideas he is exploring as a maker of this work. In particular, the scene in which the heroine has a conversation in a diner with an old man, and the final scene of the film.

Inquiries? Please contact the artist directly via email.

For more paintings, see also Merck's retitle page.

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