The Gallery: Nina Frenkel

The Gallery: Nina Frenkel

amy chase
Jan 18, 2007

Ants, Silkscreen Print, 11x15"
Introducing Nina Frenkel, illustrator extraordinaire... who has just released a few silkscreen prints and original collages to the collecting public!

Bee, Silkscreen Print, 14x14"
I met Nina last week and was charmed by her illustrations and promotional postcards, and seeing as it is Art Month at AT, I thought I'd investigate how one might come to enjoy original work by an illustrator (instead of framing a slowly decaying image torn from a magazine, not that i'm against that... or don't do that myself. The yellowing after a few years just gets me sad!)

Family Tree, Cut Paper/Collage 8x14"
Lucky for us, she is now making a few of her whimsical images available in silkscreen print editions, and for the lucky few... she may part with some of her original collages.

Forest, Cut Paper/Collage 10x13"

Garden of Eden, Cut Paper Collage- 8x9"

Magyars, Silkscreen Print, 15x11"
Prints go for $50-100 each, unframed. The collages are $200-$600 (depending on scale and complexity) unframed, for the original. As for her other professional illustration work, I'm a little sweet on the travel posters... as it's getting chilly here and time to board a plane...

"Travel to India"

"Travel to Venice"
And this short animation makes me smile, even if I'm not a fan of microsoft! Thanks Nina! Inquiries? Please contact the artist directly via email.
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