The Gallery: Oona Ratcliffe

Gouache #37, 2007. Gouache on paper, 23 x 30"

Introducing Oona Ratcliffe. The signature fluidity-meets-bauhaus-simplicity that can be found in her clothing line, Langue... all began here in the tensions she explores in her paintings...

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In the artist's words, "By keeping the opposition between the figure and ground unsettled, the picture constantly shifts; there are no resting points. Metaphorically enacting an existence governed by the moment and a frenetic, dislocated seeking of immediate sensation, it is my hope that this work will show its viewers the opulent, sensuous and attractive — but paradoxically ungrounded, shallow and disordered — permutations of such a state."

Dispersion, Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 72"

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Inquiries about the works featured here? Please contact the artist through her website. (Oona reports that new paintings are soon to be posted -- so check back again soon if you want to see more!)

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