The Gallery Peter Clark, Klari Reis and others at the Affordable Art Fair

Get in line to look through the blue lenses that reveal the risqué surprise in this painting.
At the Mauger Modern Art booth

Its that time of year again…. The Affordable Art Fair is in town.

It's a great way to access wonderful artists from all over the word for prices between $100 and $10,000. See below the jump for a preview.... show opens today, June 12!

To get you started... here are a few pieces that caught our eye. From London come these collage works by Peter Clark – at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery.

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Peter Clark: White Collar Worker, Mixed Media, 2007. 26 x 51"

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Peter Clark: Ten and a Half Bag,Mixed Media, 2007. 50 x 50 cm

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Peter Clark: Fragile Smile, Mixed Media, 2007. 30.5 x 30.5 ins

My friend Ellen is a fan of this artist, Klair Reis – whose Topology Series is up at the fair right now. She’s represented by another terrific gallery from the UK, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Booth 101.

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Klari Reis work at the Cynthia Corbett Gallery

She’s got work big and small here, all created in super high gloss epoxy polymer. Some cellular.. some map-like.

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Klari Reis, from Topology, 2008.

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Klari Reis, from Topology, pair of panels

I also got a kick out of Matcha Suzuki’s “Squirrels” series. Each original ink drawing features one masked bandit, for sale, framed, for $600Sam Lee Gallery, booth M-408

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Matcha Suzuki: Squirrels, ink and color pencil.

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Lots and lots of squirrels!

And there is SO so so much more. Go go go! (the work looks way better in person than captured on my camera! and the fair is air conditioned too). Inquiries about the works featured here? Please contact the linked galleries or hop on over to the Affordable Art Fair -- running until June 15, at the Metropolitan Pavilion – 135 West 18th street, between 6th and 7th avenue.

Know any artists whose work would make a home a lovelier place? Send ideas to The Gallery. Thanks!