The Gallery: Polly Apfelbaum

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Lover's Leap, 2007. Multicolor wood block print. 47" x 47", ed. of 25

So here it is, fall has come and the Cure has begun, and it’s high time to cull the stack of magazines being “saved” for … for why? Hmm. Not sure any longer. So, before I set the pile of past Art on Paper-s out on the street… I took one last leaf through. Couldn’t let this 70 degree day in NYC pass without chiming in with a last blast of exuberant blossoms, from Polly Apfelbaum. Enjoy.

See more cheer below.

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And see here for cool pics of “how it was done” at the Durham Press print workshop… wood blocks abound!

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Baby Love 93, 2006. 25 x 25.

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