The Gallery: Rachel Denny

The Gallery: Rachel Denny

amy chase
Sep 11, 2008

Red Doe. Cotton wool yarn, zipper, polyurethane foam, wood, 14 x 22"

Introducing Rachel Denny and her "Domestic Trophies". Normally anything that smacks of taxidermy would make me squirm, but these, (not actual animals) all swathed and snuggled in cashmere and cables, made me smile and wish I had one in my home. What do you all think? (Check out the bunny and the slide show below the jump).

"Clover" 2008. Angora, polyurethane foam, thread, steel.

Denny hails from Portland, Oregon and she uses all sorts of surprising materials to re-interpret our beloved natural world. She also makes lovely paintings on wood panels and other found-object sculptures.

Her deer trophies sell for $450-500 for the smaller does to $600-700 for the larger bucks and have been going like hotcakes. She reports that she is working away to create more such domestic trophies. The bunnies are the size of large domestic bunny and are $500 ppd (she is working on a fluffy red and lime green pair now.)

You can find Denny's work at the Vitamin Design shop and The Beholder, or most reliably at her own website.

Please contact the artist directly via email.

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