The Gallery: Scott Ingram

The Gallery: Scott Ingram

amy chase
Mar 30, 2006

Drip Drawing #8, 2006. Nail polish on paper.

Introducing Scott Ingram, the nail polish minimalist.

Yes, readers in Atlanta, if you've been having the darndest time tracking down your favorite color of nail polish, just can't seem to find it ANYWHERE… we may have the culprit.

Drip Drawing #5, 20006

Scott Ingram's new drip drawings are painted in nail polish on paper. These elegant studies of color and line have a delicate quirkiness when viewed close up on your screen, though most are quite large and majestic (often 40 x 60), with some a bit smaller (25 x 36) and others done directly on sheet rock walls.

Drip Drawing #7, 2006

The palettes can be fresh, often with interesting color tensions and brilliant metallics. Or can explore more muted neutral tones.

Drip Drawing #13, 2006

Pools of enamel were caught by the built-in ledge on the drawing below, the colors blending together and bringing to mind the controlled bleeds of color on canvas by the mid-century painter, Morris Louis.

Installation view from Solomon Projects, Atlanta, 2005

These have me wondering about how they are made. How do the angles and curves happen? By hand, pulling the enamel with a brush? Or by tilting the paper to direct the flow of dripping paint?

Drip Drawing #10, 2006

Drip Drawing #6, 2006

Below, views of the work installed in a gallery and in a home, to give you a sense of their scale.

Installation view from Solomon Projects, Atlanta, 2005

And the work being enjoyed at home…

Please contact Lydeker Fine Art for further information on prices and dimensions. Or call 917 940 3353.

Curious to see more work? Click on this link to see earlier work, a series of minimalist wall-sculptures that each reference an architectural elevation from the California Case Study project (an Art and Architecture magazine initiative in 1945 that challenged 8 young California architects to design low-cost alternatives to the mass-produced houses springing up around the country).

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