The Gallery Stina Persson

The Gallery Stina Persson

amy chase
May 31, 2007

Filomena. Ink, watercolor, collage.

Introducing Stina Persson and her sultry portraits of Sicilian women – just in time for summer.

This Stockholm-based illustrator has a great way of balancing the fluid irregularity of ink and watercolor, with the harder edges of cut paper collage and dramatic blocks of color. Some of the collage elements are lace as well as Mexican cut paper (used at ceremonies and festivals).

Ermenegilda. Ink, watercolor, collage.

These are from the series,"Immacolata and her Friends" and pays tribute to the old-world beauty(ies) of Sicily, taking inspiration from the region's tradition of dramatic women's names…

Annuziatta. Ink, watercolor, collage.

She's just had her first showing of original works in NY at Gallery Hanahou, where you can see these in person until July 6.

Celestina. Ink, watercolor, collage.


What better way to warm up a cold room?

Here are some shots of the show installed. The gallery is located at 611 Broadway, Suite. 730 NYC. Call 646-486-6586 for hours. All the work from the show is also available for purchase online online. Prices range from $500 - 800.

Illustration from the artist's website

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