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Kansas City artist Tom Whalen has some spook-tacular (we can say silly things like that in October right?) prints up on Etsy right now. Click through the jump to see more of his geek-chic illustrations.

You can purchase all 6 of his monsterly creations for $45 from his Etsy Store. You may also buy them individually for $10 each.

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If Halloween isn't your thing, maybe Star Wars is. If not, chances are this would still make a great Christmas present for someone you know!

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If Star Wars isn't your idea of a good time, maybe The Wizard of Oz is.
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We wouldn't want to leave out the comic book kids, so no worries, this Avengers print has you covered (check out Tom's blog for more fantastic comic creations!).
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Transformers were loved by all back in the day. Having this brightly colored piece tucked away in your home would make any guest smile as they walk by.
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Following the logic that all great things must begin and end with Star Wars, here is a second Star Wars print to hang side by side with the first.

Links: Tom Whalen's Blog & Tom's Etsy Store

(All artwork is property of Tom Whalen. No images may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise under any circumstances.)

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