The Gallery: Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz

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Traveler 78 at Night, 2003. Snowglobe, 9x6x6” & C-Print, 40x33” ed. of 5

Summer heat getting you down? Take a look at this work by the husband and wife team Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz, who are putting the "edge" and craftsmanship back into snowglobes.

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Blindness, 2007. C-Print, 35 x 71” ed. of 6

Martin & Munoz construct miniature scenes and insert them into snow globes. When they chose to, they shift these landscapes to a monumental scale through photography (ltd. ed. prints $1,200, snow globes, $10,000).

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3 Snow Globes from the Traveler Series

Some would argue that the wilderness is the main character... others have stated that the artists take "tragic or cult-related real-life incidents... and recontextualize them as snow-globes to symbolically 'contain' the situations and thereby make them more accessible to the public."

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After the Fire, 2006, C-print, 35 x 72” ed. of 6

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Alone Together, 2005. C-Print, 40 x 33” ed. of 5

Whatever... they are thought-provoking, intricate and sublime. And, well, cool -- in temperature and intrigue. Enjoy.

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The Nursery, 2007. C-Print, 36 x 60” ed. of 6

My friend Vicki assures me they fashion the trees by hand, and find "stock" figures to repaint and transform. All in the Poconos no less. Bravo!

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Traveler 204, 2006. Snowglobe, 9x6x6” & C-Print, 40x33” ed. of 5

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Snow Globe installation, Kiasma Museum


Thanks Vicki, and Art Candy/NYMag!

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