The Gallery: Wendy Small

The Gallery: Wendy Small

amy chase
Jun 21, 2007

"I know where we are", 2007. Unique color photogram, 40 x 30"

Introducing Wendy Small and her most unusual gardens...

I saw some of Small's work at a friend's apartment recently – imagine my surprise and delight to discover that many of the plant-like forms in these photograms are French ticklers! See more below the jump.

Morning Glory 5:30am 8"x 10"

Cyanotype 10" x 8"

Globe fruit, young shoots, 5 x 7

Morning Glory, 2007. Unique color photogram, 40 x 60"

Red Hot, 2007. Unique color photogram 40 x 30"

"Move like you just don't see him", 2007. Unique solarized silver gelatin print, 24 x 20"

The show, "Coming in for the Kiss" is up from June 15 to July 27 at Schroeder Romero 637 West 27th Street, ground floor. Prices range from $4500 - $6000 for photograms 40 x 30 to 40 x 60.

Inquiries? Please contact the gallery by email.

Thanks Louise!

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