The Gallery: Deborah Cushman

The Gallery: Deborah Cushman

Apr 13, 2007

We can't remember how we first came upon Deborah Cushman's paintings, but it was a matter of love at first sight. The Sonoma-based painter's colorful rural and urban landscapes are so Californian that, for some odd reason (considering we live here), they make us feel a little homesick.

We especially love the 8x10 plein air paintings that she sells on

Cushman says, My idea for these little paintings is to focus on one single lighting situation and to complete the piece before the light changes, usually within two hours.

Some of these paintings are studies on which Cushman bases larger paintings, and some of them evolve from ideas she gets while working on larger pieces.

Each painting on is mounted and ready to hang -- and priced at just $100.

You can see Cushman's larger works (such as the one above) here. And, if you're in Los Altos, check out her work in person this month at Zyt Gallery.

Top image: San Francisco

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