The Gallery Zak Smith

The Gallery Zak Smith

amy chase
Apr 24, 2008

Clarissa Looking Like a Pink Flloyd Groupie. Acrylic Painting.

Introducing Zak Smith who gained notoriety a few years back for illustrating every single page of Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow -- a project that was featured in the Whitney Biennial in 2004. (see experimental photo from the book below)

Page 521 – From the Gravity's Rainbow project

Smith works on an ambitious scale -- and in great detail. Many projects involve finely drawn/painted individual works combined together to create vast installations & books.

Mosh Pit, C-Squat, NYC. Drawing

The Painting That Is Fun to Look At. Acrylic, plastic balls, cough drops, cassette case, pens, tacks, remote control, swim goggles, and other mixed media

Car Interior, LA. Drawing

He recently began uploading a page from his sketchbook every day (see below) -- you can keep tabs on this project here following his switchbacks between popular culture and the semi-sub-culture of the adult film industry.

Sketchbook Page from April 14 (Von Jawlensky painting--"Schokko", Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice--on TV, Alice--Los Angeles, cop--Ottawa, Luci Belle and Black Angelica--Barcelona, Temper--London, etc.)

Inquiries about Smith's work? In NYC he is represented by Fredericks & Freiser at 536 W24th Street. You can contact either the gallery or the artist directly via email.

Thanks Sara Kate and The Wooster Collective (a daily growing archive of streetart from around the world) for the tip!

Know any artists whose work would make a home a lovelier place? Send ideas to The Gallery. Thanks!

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