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Adrian Granzella Larssen, Managing Editor of The Daily Muse made the move to working from home two years ago. She’s written a nice piece on the pros and cons of not working in an office here. She loves the freedom it affords but like a lot of us misses the social interaction an office offers.

The key points made by Adrian Granzella Larssen were divided into two lists, The 5 Best Things vs The 5 Worst Things.

The Good:
1. You can work in your pajamas
2. You avoid the drop-by
3. You’ll never miss a FedEx package again
4. You can multitask in meetings
5. You can be loud and crazy

The Bad:
1. There’s no water cooler
2. You never really leave the office
3. You never really leave the house
4. There’s no IT department
5. You need an insane amount of self-motivation

Our home office is shown at the top of this post and one of things we love working from home is the quiet. We know we get a lot more work done at home without the interruptions and distractions of an office. What do you like and/or dislike about working from home?

Originally published at Lifework by Cerentha Harris