The Good & Bad of Lit-Up Home Theater Ceilings

We're seeing plenty of folks add lighting as an architectural feature—especially in home theater rooms. But, as with anything, there's a good and a bad way to wear a trend. Here's two of the popular styles—one we love and one that we loathe. What do you think?

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Lighted Moulding

We're digging the way these two homeowners used lighting to enhance the moulding of their ceilings. At the top of the post, this theater from Electronic House takes it's style cues from an old opera house. And the real-life Flickr find from member timuiuc directly above shows a coffered ceiling get a boost from bright blue lights.

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Trompe L'Oeil Starry Skies

Some folks love the look, but putting up fake starry skies inside seems a little too Disney to us, like in this shot from an HGTV viewer. Just put down the fiber optics and walk away, OK?

What do you think? Are you digging on lighted moulding? Starry skies? Or is a lit-up ceiling altogether wrong in so many ways? Tell us in the comments!

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