The Gorillapod by JOBY

The Gorillapod by JOBY

Heather Blaha
Aug 16, 2006

Since AT:Chicago launched in April, we've been taking more photographs than ever. We've always loved snapping things up, but we are constantly trying to steady our hands and get as much insight from the pros as possible. Apparently, the folks over at Popgadget feel the same way. More than once, we've heard the virtues of a tripod, but this is the first we've heard of the easily transportable JOBY tripod (aka the gorillapod). The gorillapod holds both digital and video cameras, perfect for documenting life at home or while you're traveling.

The standard pod sells for $24.95 (or $21.95 for the environmentally-friendly packaged gorillapod).

Does anyone have a product review of the intriguing gorillapod? We are curious about any firsthand accounts out there...

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