The Grammys, Part 3: Trouble in Shangri-La

The Grammys, Part 3: Trouble in Shangri-La

Grace Shu
Feb 8, 2008

OK, so technically, Stevie Nicks has never won her own Grammy, just seven nods. She did win one with Fleetwood Mac, so we're counting that. (Plus, Landslide is one of our all-time favorite songs). Check out more photos below the jump...

[ Photos from Luxist ]

Since we're being so technical, we should also point out that this Arizona home isn't Stevie's anymore: she sold it for $3.8 mil a few months back. But the decor in these photographs are indeed hers, and not staged (or so we read somewhere). After taking a look at some of these photos, we admit we're kind of bummed...We were sort of hoping that Stevie's pad would look like the set of that Beauty & The Beast-themed music video that Meatload did in the 90s. You know, all gothic and dark with fringed shawls everywhere..

Entryway with built-in seats

Outdoor patio and pool

Walkway to the backyard area

Check out more photos at the Luxist.

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