The Greenees: Eco-conscious Dolls

070909-greenees01.jpgWe're learning to "live green" as adults, and while better late than never, what if we'd all been taught to do so from an early age? Wouldn't the world be a better place? The Greenees is a line of dolls for children that aims to impart those lessons early...

The Greenees are a family run business whose dolls are based on the drawings of six-year old daughter Dylan. Each of the six dolls, made of certified organic cotton plush, imparts a different environmental message: Green Mr. GreeNee fights global warming; Pink Mrs. Vision GreeNee is an organic fanatic; Red heart-shaped Val loves animals; Orange Henry reminds us to switch off our lights when we leave the room; yellow Dakota, the family dog, is a recycling machine while blue Gap, the family cat, teaches water conservation. For more information, click here.