The Greenest Thumb! Contest: Susie's Glorious Rooftop

The Greenest Thumb! Contest: Susie's Glorious Rooftop

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 12, 2006

Name: Susie Location: Carroll Gardens Size: 15x20 Favorite Resource: & my local Ace Hardware Pitch: This is my first attempt at a garden. I moved to NYC a year ago and was lucky enough to get an apartment with an adjacent roof space. It's accessible by climbing out of a window in my living room. Now that I am out of school with some time on my hands, I was excited about moving on from houseplants to a container garden... [more below]

This roof space (about 15'x20') has been a great laboratory, especially with the ivy-covered brick backdrop that was growing when I moved in. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to have a garden out there, but so far no one's said anything.

I inherited the wooden barrel planter with the apartment. All other containers were found on the sidewalks during several scouting trips on evenings before trash day. I've got a couple of loose drawers that I drilled drain holes in the bottom of and filled with soil, as well as a discarded birdcage that works great for climbing plants.

I'm sorry I cant list off all of the flowers I have - I'm not even sure what I have growing. Last fall I bought some shrubs at an end-of-season sale at Lowes, and they survived the winter. A couple of flats of things were ordered from a fund raiser for the Cobble Hill Children's group. Then I went to my local Ace Hardware, which has a great garden section, and bought pretty much one of annual they had. Some things have survived -- some things haven't. Urban gardening is much more difficult than I expected, but I've definitely learned a lot! I'm hoping my thumb will get greener as I go. Thanks! Susie
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