The Hamburger Bed

Ridiculous...We Know!

We weren't sure we wanted to post this, but after being IM'ed and Facebook messaged by several friends/colleagues that we "had to post this", we gave into our playful inclinations. Sure, it's not something 99.9% of us want in our own homes...but we're glad someone made it for the sake of making something so amusing. And it also falls under ATLA's coverage, located over yonder in Austin, Texas. A few more images and the bed's Facebook link below. Don't peek if you're hungry (or vegetarian)...

[Photo: Heather Leah Kennedy]

The bed is the creation of Ms. Kayla Kromer, who happens to be the fetching young lady laying on her fast food creation up above. And yes, the Hamburger Bed has a Facebook page!

[via Geekologie]