The Hand Sprayer: A Bidet for the Bidet-less

The Hand Sprayer: A Bidet for the Bidet-less

Regina Yunghans
Jan 4, 2011

Bidets. They can be a symbol of cultural differences, cleanliness, environmental conservation. Most of us here in the U.S. don't have one in the home. But travel across the pond and you'll find a bidet a-plenty. Check into a luxury hotel and there's a bidet. Or flip through a high-end plumbing manufacturer's catalog and find multi-hundred-dollar toilet accessories to make your toilet into a bidet.

For those who want a bidet in their home but can't necessarily afford the expense (or space!) of having an additional plumbing fixture installed, is there a middle ground? Yes: It's a hand sprayer that installs onto your toilet's water supply line. They're used for bidet-like cleansing, as well as by cloth-diapering parents for rinsing soiled diapers.

This version by Coolkraft receives the best ratings at Amazon for function and ease of installation. Its cost is merely $45 and can be installed easily without hiring a plumber.

Have you used a toilet-plumbed hand sprayer in your home? For those bidet-wanters out there, is this a viable alternative? Let us know in the comments below!

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