The Hangelier 2.1 Clothes Hanger Lampshade

The Hangelier 2.1 Clothes Hanger Lampshade

Gregory Han
Sep 18, 2009

Leah over at our D.C. site cited Organelle's repurposed clothes hanger light amongst a few other Uniquely Re-Purposed Lighting Fixtures. It seems they've updated and upgraded the design from plastic to a wooden clothes hanger model...

The Hangelier series are lampshades crafted from salvaged and off-the-shelf materials. The parts are arranged to provide delight from different points - referencing classic light shade forms from a distance while surprising viewers up close with it's unique material palette.

The Hangelier 2.1 comes attached with a cable and hook for hanging your shade from the ceiling. Light/cord package not included.

Available at Organelle's etsy shop.

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