(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Just a heads up to everyone out there that the California Independent System Operator, which controls the juice to our power grid, is likely to declare a Stage 1 electrical emergency like it did yesterday. Remember that bad case of rolling blackouts we had a couple years ago? Help keep that from happening again by watching your energy use and conserving by switching off non-essential electrically operated appliances.

We work in the Valley (aka The Epicenter of Hades), where it reached 108 degrees yesterday. More of the same is expected today, with the bonus of possible thunderstorms, so we expect everyone will have their fans and air conditioners blasting for most of the day, maxing out the power grid. Just keep the window shades closed, avoid washing dishes and clothes till later in the evening, and turn off lights when not in use. We've even got foam core board against our office windows in a hopeless attempt to keep the heat from emanating through. Every bit counts!