The History & Exploration of Quality in The Finer Things

The History & Exploration of Quality in The Finer Things

Tara Bellucci
Sep 6, 2016
(Image credit: Melanie Acevedo courtesy Clarkson Potter)

What is quality? That's the question Christiane Lemieux set out to answer in her new book, The Finer Things (Clarkson Potter, available today).

(Image credit: Courtesy Clarkson Potter)

As the author of bestseller Undecorate, founder of DwellStudio and forthcoming lifestyle brand Lemieux et Cie, it's a question she is uniquely qualified to ask if not answer—though she leaves the latter to the experts she interviews.

(Image credit: Francesco Lagnese courtesy Clarkson Potter)

The 400-page tome is of course packed with gorgeous photos, but this is more than just a stunning coffee table book. The Finer Things gives you a crash course in the history and craftsmanship behind everything from wallpaper to rugs, complete with illustrated timelines that trace these modern comforts back to their often ancient roots.

(Image credit: Tim Street-Porter / OTTO courtesy Clarkson Potter)

In a world where everything is increasingly disposable, Lemieux picks quality over quantity, and wants to help you do the same. It's at once a practical handbook for spotting the timeless heirlooms and as well as a celebration of traditional craft. And that is a thing of beauty.

The Finer Things, published by Clarkson Potter, is available today.

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