The Hive Honey Set by Andie Olive

Design Showcase 2010

Design: The Hive Honey Set
Materials: Blow Molded Glass & Turned Maple
Designer: Andie Olive

"When I took up beekeeping this year I became captivated by the incredible complexities and ingenuity of the Honey Bee. As a tribute to my girls I wanted to design a honey-centric product that seemed a bit more considered than some bear or cartoon hive."


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"The Hive Honey Set is informed by the natural geometry that makes up wax honey comb. Each individual cell is a rhombic decahedron which is formed by a combination of optimal heat and pressure. Interestingly, the bee's control this optimal temperature with beats of their wings!

Available in clear and frosted glass (**Sorry no pictures yet of the clear**)

Set includes:
- Hive Jar
- Capped Cell Lid
- Bee's Butt Dipper

The hive honey set is slated for an October Release in stores."

Designer: Andie Olive
Location: Brooklyn, NY


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About Design Showcase 2010: This summer we're celebrating the best in design for the home. We're taking submissions from independent and student designers from around the world and letting our readers vote on who they think has the best design. There's also a panel of august judges (no pun intended). Two winners will win $20,000 in targeted advertising placements on our sites to help launch their careers ($10k apiece).

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