The Home of Serge Gainsbourg

The Home of Serge Gainsbourg

Grace Shu
Oct 24, 2007

If you are ever going to plan a trip to Paris, we would strongly recommend soaking in some pop culture and visiting the home of Serge Gainsbourg, one of France's most celebrated musicians. It's located at 5 bis Rue de Verneuil, and you might be appalled by all the graffiti scrawled over this teeny house, but trust us when we tell you: it's a landmark.

Hopefully, one day, his daughter Charlotte will fulfill her dreams and turn it into a museum for his fans, but until then, we can only peek in through the help of Vanity Fair.

Some interesting facts to note: The interior of the house has been untouched for all sixteen years since Gainsbourg's death (imagine the set of Great Expectations, but without Gwyneth and Ethan Hawke slutting around), and one morning, Charlotte found that the exterior of the house had been repainted without her consent. The reason? The neighbors felt it was an eyesore and organized the painting effort in the dead of the night. Luckily for Charlotte, the following day it was back to being covered in graffiti.

If the walls of this house could talk, it would probably make millions in a tell-all book, what with love affairs with the world's most beautiful women (Jane Birkin! Brigitte Bardot!), the music that was written here, and all the decadence and style that only a French artist can muster.

Photos from Vanity Fair

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