The Homies Winners: Best of 2013!

The Homies Winners: Best of 2013!

Janel Laban
Feb 15, 2013
Dear Readers, After two weeks of nominations and finals voting, and nearly a million pageviews, we finally have two blogs that swept multiple categories and a total of four remarkable winners to wear our Homies Champion Crowns for the whole year. Please Click to Visit Each One and Congratulations to our Winners! -Maxwell



Best Home Design & Best Project Blog

Little Green Notebook

Blogger: Jenny Komenda
Location: New York City

Best Family & Kids Blog

Small Things

Blogger: Ginny Sheller
Location: Eastern Virginia

Best Healthy Cooking AND Best Recipes

Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

Blogger: George Bryant
Location: Murietta, CA

Best Food Photography

Against All Grain

Blogger: Danielle Walker
Location: Bay Area, California
To see the final vote counts as well as all the (amazing!) lists of nominations, visit the original posts for all six categories: HOME DESIGN • Best Home Design & Inspiration BlogBest Home Projects & DIY BlogBest Family & Kids Blog
HOME COOKING • Best Healthy Cooking BlogBest Recipe BlogBest Food Photography on a Blog Thanks for another great year of discovering the best of the blogosphere - we hope everyone has discovered some new favorites and daily destinations...on to 2014! (Image: Thomas Porostocky)
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