How To Do It Better Guide: Making Your Own Cleaners

Making and using your own cleaners is a good idea for lots of reasons; it's a money saver, reduces the amount of products you need to store and improves the health of your home. But, while it's not difficult to create cleaners, it can be a bit of a mysterious process for first time users. Our bloggers have shared their know-how through step-by-step homemade cleaner How To posts — check them out to get started on your own homemade cleaning kit.• How To Make Scented Linen Powders How To Clean and Deodorize With Tea How To Clean and De-Fog Bathroom MirrorsHow To Make Scented Vinegar Rinses How To Make Laundry DetergentHow To Whiten Laundry Without Chlorine BleachHow To Make Scented Laundry Booster How To Clean a Window with Newspaper

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