The I Was Here Dining Table by Jason Miller

The I Was Here Dining Table by Jason Miller

Grace Shu
Dec 17, 2007

OK, on a practical level, we laughed when we saw this. On an art appreciation level, we said, "It's an interesting concept." This dining table is part of a series entitled "I Was Here" by designer Jason Miller, and it's made of 100% post-consumer waste plastic lumber. Also, all the graffiti featured on these tables were lifted from New York City park benches and tables and lasered on.

While we appreciate the artistry of graffiti, we're struggling to see it fused with a dining room table. After all, it's reminding us strongly of the spanking we got when we were willfully disobedient children and scratched, "I <3 Bobby" on the seat of one of the dining room chairs.

The I Was Here dining table is currently retailing for $1,400 at Generate.

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