Style It: IKEA Hemnes Nightstand, 3 Ways

Style It: IKEA Hemnes Nightstand, 3 Ways

Claire Bock
Mar 21, 2012
The Hemnes nightstand is a plain IKEA staple for $80, but with a few fabulous accessories and hardware modifications this piece will blend in with a wide range of design styles. Check out our 3 ways to style up the Hemnes nightstand...

The easiest modification to make (we did it in all 3 examples) is to switch out the standard door knob that comes with the nightstand with a more unique one. Anthropologie carries an eclectic mix of knobs and handles that will change the style of the nightstand instantly.

Feminine Hemnes (shown above the jump)
Perfume bottles and flowers are given a grown up feel with the sleek and shiny Kartell lamp.
Squirrel Knob, Anthropologie
Perfume, Creed
Cindy Lamp by Kartell, ABC Home
Tray, John Derian
Letter Box, Michaels Arts and Crafts

Utilitarian Hemnes Paired with a vintage inspired knob and essential accessories for the bedside table, this style would work with any bedroom design. Everyone needs an alarm clock, a nice photo to remind them of why they wake up in the morning, and maybe a hangover cure hidden in a stylish jar. Vintage Russian knob, Anthropologie Alarm Clock, IKEA Prozac Jar, Jonathan Adler Photo Frame, Aaron Brothers Literary Hemnes This style is for the bookworm who stays up at night delving into novels. The bedside table is perfect for keeping your stack of books, bedside lamp, and reading glasses. Lucky Number Knob, Anthropologie Penguin Classics, Amazon Diana Camera, Lomography Reading Glasses, Paul Smith Reading Light, IKEA

Images: Claire Bock

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