The Inside Man: Barney's Pop Art Loft

The Inside Man: Barney's Pop Art Loft

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 1, 2010
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Name: Barney Santos
Location: Downtown Los Angeles
Style: Fun, artistic, modern loft

With the help of Valspar Paint, I'm helping five guys across the country re-do a room in their home. My third meeting was with Barney, a newlywed, who wants to spiff up his apartment now that he lives with his wife, Evelyn.

While she's already done the bedroom, the main living area has all of his furniture in it, and he wants to make it great, but preserve his style. The job involves upgrading the window side of a big loft apartment in downtown LA, which connects to the dining room and Barney's home office. The tour took about one minute, and then we got down to figuring out the overall redesign, which is going to involve adding contrast and a splash of color to wake up the big space.

I wasn't quite sure what my approach to Barney's loft was going to be and, in some ways, this was the hardest job because he has the biggest wal