The Inside Man: Jarrett's Bungalow Bar

The Inside Man: Jarrett's Bungalow Bar

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 10, 2010
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Name: Jarrett Knox
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Style: Mid-Century Bungalow Bar

This is one of the most challenging of our Inside Man room redos, and we're nearing the final reveal! With the help of Valspar Paint, my team and I have been redesigning Jarrett's wood-paneled 'man cave.'

When I first saw Jarrett's basement, it was big, dirty, and dark, but it had a lot of potential to be a fun, laid-back space where Jarrett could host his regular poker game and have a drink with friends. Since that last meeting, there's been a lot of cleaning, priming, painting, striping, and filling the room with furniture to get it into shape. I'll post final photos of the room on Thursday, but until then, Jarrett's been sending me snapshots of the work so far. Here's a sneak peek of what's to come.

When I first met with Jarrett, we settled on a fairly bold direction for the bar. We planned on doing Paul Smith-style stripes around the room — one set in warm buff stripes around the majority of the room, and one set in bright orange, yellow, and blue stripes around the bar.