The Inside Man: Michael's Design District Home

The Inside Man: Michael's Design District Home

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 31, 2010
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Name: Michael Brandes
Location: Design District, Dallas, TX
Style: New contemporary construction in need of character

This is the story of how one color can totally change the feel of a room. With the help of Valspar Paint, I've been helping Michael redesign his Dallas apartment, and we're preparing for the final reveal on Thursday.

I have to give Michael a shout-out for being really brave on this room re-do and trusting us to try an out of the ordinary color. Before, his living room accent wall was a deep "Chinese Red." It was the previous tenant's choice, and it "worked" but it didn't feel good to Michael. We chose a rustic, Tuscan rose that was much more in line with his was a small color change with a big impact.

I admit, corals and roses aren't the first colors most people associate with masculine style, but Michael's room needed something warm and light. The more I thought about the room, the more I realized we needed to stick with a similar color (red) but change the tone to radically change the room. Sometimes the choice isn't about changing color; sometimes it's about changing the richness and hue of a color you already love.

I sent Michael four different samples, and when he tried them out on his walls, we ruled out three right away and zeroed in on the new tone. The pinks were TOO pink for this room, the coral was a couple shades too light, but Poppy Petal was exactly the kind of color that could brighten the room but keep it warm and inviting as well.