The Inside Out: The Burning Man Home Away from Home, Part II

The Inside Out: The Burning Man Home Away from Home, Part II

Jill Slater
Sep 13, 2006

Inside Out: A showcase for those who transform their residences into homes via innovative intervention

Name: Burning Man residents
Location: Black Rock City, Nevada
Size: 400 to 1000 sqft.
Favorite Element: comforts of home

Our second and final week covering the spectacle of Burning Man from the Inside Out takes us to a chai roving mobile and 'Uchronia'--a Belgian Village in the desert.

'Uchronia' was a Belgian camp, 70 strong, that was responsible for a huge wooden sculpture of the same name out in the middle of the Burning Man playa. It is meant to refer to a point in the future when there is no time and was referred to on the street as a 'message from the future' or the 'Belgian waffle'.

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Art aside, these photos reflect their home turf--where all the Belgian builders, carpenters, photographers, DJ's, drummers, and journalists returned to after a hard day in the strong Nevada sun. The camp was run like a tight ship, not exactly the norm at Burning Man, but certainly appreciated by this Inside Out reporter. The 15-foot long cutting board/prep area was a favorite.

The other camp was the Tea and Chai camp. Parked on the edge of the playa, it moved around the playa when it felt the desire to do so. Serving as an oasis after a long night of dancing under the stars, the Chai house was full of white flowing fabrics and soft cushions. Burlap sacks that were once filled with coffee beans lined the walls and floors, forming a consistent and neutral palette.

In all, the camps highlighted in today's slide show exemplify success in bringing the comforts of home to the playa. It can be done! If you want the best camping experience possible, it might as well be in style.

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