House Tour: Eric Makes It His Own

House Tour: Eric Makes It His Own

Jill Slater
Aug 25, 2008

Name: Eric
Location: West Village/Meatpacking District
Size: 750 sqft
Favorite: Location, quiet, that it is not a boxy apt, and that the bathroom is independently accessible

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"Do what you like, and I'll tell you if I like it." Eric gave his designer carte blanche on renovating the apartment and was happy with about 90% of the results. "I hired him for a reason," says Eric. In other words, Eric is busy and as long as the decision making on the aesthetics and the logistics are in professional and capable hands, Eric feels fine. He did get involved a couple of times, however...

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One instance was to hand pick the bathroom tiles--he did a great job, and the second was to nix the idea of a 'niche' in one of the living room walls. "F--- it, I don't need a niche!" says Eric when recalling the conversation with his designer. The designer wanted the wall to be flush with the closet wall and to create a 2-foot recessed niche in the middle "for some kind of sculpture."

This idea did not appeal to Eric as he is very square foot conscious and losing 3 precious sqft becomes significant in the NY real estate market. Besides, he doesn't own any signature sculptures. The compromise was to keep the entire space set back, to mount a flat screen TV there and to paint the wall a very dark hue to give it the dignity it deserved.

This tour comes right on the cusp of the completion of the renovation. Eric thinks it will be another couple of weeks and he will be living in a real home as opposed to a construction site. Throughout the process, he has had to persist in making sure that the contractor was progressing and on target.

After months of looking for the perfect space in Manhattan, Eric realized he wasn't going to find it. He certainly had no interest in spending ungodly sums of money on something that was "just ok." Instead he opted to buy a coop that was well within his budget, that wasn't banal new construction, and that he could customize through a full renovation.

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Manhattan Center for Kitchen and Bath

Originally Posted on February 15th, 2006

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