NY House Tour: Dante Makes It Happen

Name: Dante
Location: East Soho/North Chinatown
Size: 500 sqft
Favorite: The window boxes full of box hedges (a little bit of Hamptons overlooking chinatown).

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We visited Dante in an earlier house tour and things were in major disarray. Since then, however, Dante has had the resolve, perseverence and style to bring it all together and the slide show proves it. In less than a few weeks, Dante hung hand-made curtains, put up tons of shelves, arranged, arranged and arranged her many belongings and now it feels like home!..

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Inside Out Video

Challenging as it was, Dante found somewhere to hide all her stuff! The high ceilings help in terms of accommodating a lot of shelves for storage; the long rods holding huge swaths of fabric make that which is behind invisible.

The oasis in the bedroom is created by obscuring Dante's view of Chinese restaurants with great box hedges in multiple planter boxes. She had the air conditioner relocated above so as to create more flexibility with the lower window space. The bed is separated from the rest of the apartment by a pretty successful low bookcase. From the living room and kitchen, the bed is completely obscured. Although an open plan, Dante has defined and delineated discreet uses. It even feels spacious.

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Originally Posted on September 20th, 2006