The January Jumpstart Contest: 6 Categories & Schedule

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We're rolling on, and we start TODAY! What's your project going to be? What category are you in?

Join us!

This week we're getting ready here at the AT offices, hammering out the prizes, our own editorial projects and doing something novel: establishing six winning categories. Instead of three or four top places, we're going to be looking for winners in the following categories...

Best Use of Fabric
Best Use of Paint or Finish
Biggest Wow Factor
Most Likely to Be Widely Copied
2 More - TBD by the judges when we see what we get

While you're thinking about your own project, take a look at our schedule:

All January:

Bluelines and AT Editors are blogging all the best DIY and project resources we can find

Jan 7-18:

Editor's Projects from start to finish

Jan 21: Reader's Submission Deadline

Jan 21-Feb 1:

Reader's Projects Posted Daily with voting by the crowd

Feb 1 - Feb 6:

Editors vote on Reader's top choices awarding SIX category winners

Feb 7: Winner's Announced on AT and Bluelines!!!!

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