The JP Show: The Humans of Jurassic Park

It came as no surprise to me that the films of Wes Anderson have inspired countless pieces of art — but Jurassic Park? Really? This is what I love about the world: someone's always thinking of something I would never think of..

Brandon Bird and Julia Vickerman recently curated The JP Show (Just People), "an exhibit dedicated to what people love and remember most about the Jurassic Park film series: the human characters". Namely: Goldblum. The first work you see here is not a photo-realistic painting. It is a photo. Jeff Goldblum sat to have his portrait taken by artist Robyn Von Swank, making this, in Brandon Bird's words, "the only Goldblum-endorsed humans-only Jurassic Park art show". Finally! Moving on to more Goldblum...

All images as credited above, all part of The JP Show at Gallery Nucleus