The Kitchen: My Main Squeeze
Maxwell Ryan
Aug 17, 2006

(Next week Stacie's Kitchen posts will be moving to the main Kitchen Blog as we consolidate and enlarge the reach of this most important part of the home)

Cooking here in sunny southern California wouldn't be the same without citrus. I use fresh orange, lemon or lime juice in salad dressings, bbq marinades, salsas, on steamed and grilled vegetables, fish, chicken and my favorite ­ Meyer lemon meringue pie.

Then there are a variety of cocktails my improvisational riffs on the classic margarita ­ that require a nice dose of sour juicy tang. None of these would come to life without my favorite squeeze (above).

Crate and Barrel's version is aesthetically pleasing but after a year or so I found the bright enamel paint begins to chip away. I have since switched to the OXO Good Grip brand and while I'm happy with the performance I have to say I miss my bright happy yellow one. Both maximize juice extraction without polluting your potion with seeds so whether you want the glory of color, or the utilitarian promise of non-stick coating, there's no reason not to start squeezing your way toward culinary adventure.

- Stacie Stukin

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