The Laundry Pod: A Realistic Small Space Solution?

Home & Housewares 2011

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The Laundry Pod is a prototype product that had a big presence at the Home & Housewares show this week. The accompanying signage and materials touted it as a solution for many situations, from college dorm use to camping to boating to military life. But it also included small space urban living…

… which is the one circumstance I'm wondering about.

Of course, the concept of actually being able to do laundry at home in a residence that doesn't include a conventional washer is always an attractive idea. Fewer trips to the laundromat and cleaners, self-sufficiency, convienience and ongoing money savings all factor in. Finally, the initial purchase is very affordable - just under $100.

But, and this is where we leave it up to the home-laundry-less in the Apartment Therapy community, do you would you give this a go or is it just not realistic as an ongoing solution? It's super manual — a wash cycle involves filling up a tub, adding soap, churning a crank, emptying, filling again with clean water, more churning, emptying again, and finally, hanging to dry. The capacity is approximately 25% of a standard washer.

It's not UNdoable, of course, but were curious to know whether those of you who live without a traditional home laundry set up would consider this a viable alternative to how you handle your laundry now?

Let us know in the comments...

MORE INFO: The Laundry Pod

Image: Janel Laban

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