(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
As much as we agree with the basic premise of the NYT article Maxwell blogged not too long ago, most of us are still at least occasional consumers.

So, when we do buy something for our home, we want it to be beautiful, well-made, non-toxic, and good for the environment.

Josh Dorfman's new book, The Lazy Environmentalist, a companion to his talk radio show, is the perfect resource for those looking to live and (more specifically) shop responsibly.

While the book is a guide to "green living" in general, the vast majority of it — chapters 6 to 14 — is dedicated specifically to the home. Each chapter discusses the merits of various green products and concludes with an index-like directory of all the companies mentioned.

Far from lazy, Dorfman, who is also the CEO and founder of green furniture company Vivavi, has made quite an effort to provide an uber-useful tool for readers who hope to become more thoughtful, green consumers.