The Lightbulb Wars: Maxwell Looks At 3 Different Bulbs

Test Lab

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You know what the label says, but how do energy-efficient bulbs really compare to their incandescent counterparts in terms of brightness and color temperature? Welcome to Episode III in our Lightbulb Wars video series. In this video Maxwell visually tests three lightbulbs—a Philips LED, an EcoSmart CFL, and a Philips High-Efficiency Incandescent— against their high-energy incandescent counterparts. Watch the video to see how they stack up! Lightbulb Wars: We're Testing 18 Bulbs in 10 Weeks!Lightbulb Wars: FAQ, Myths, and FactsLightbulb Wars Review: GE Energy Smart LED, 9 Watt Lightbulb Wars Review: Pharox 300 Dimmable LEDLightbulb Wars Review: EcoSmart A19 8.6-Watt LED Lightbulb Wars Review: Sylvania Living Spaces CFL Lightbulb Wars Review: Philips R30 Reflector FloodLightbulb Wars Review: Philips AmbientLED Indoor FloodLightbulb Wars Review: GE 13-Watt Energy Smart The Lightbulb Wars: How To Read a Lightbulb LabelLightbulb Wars Review: Plumen 001