The Living Machine: Coming To a City Near You?

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Nature knows best. Guess where those people are walking? In a reactor. A reactor? With plants all around? Those coils of green are green reactors in a Living Machine in the city of Emmen Zoo, Netherlands, a machine that cleans 260,000 gallons of wastewater per day. The plants do all the work. Water goes in dirty and comes out clean. You can drink it.

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All of this was started by John and Nancy Jack Todd over twenty years ago with their first forays into mimicking the intelligence of the earth's ability to clean itself through water flow, plant biology, and the integral role of aqueous animal life in feeding on and breaking down waste. What began as small tanks that could clean the water in a small home, now has become sophisticated enough to clean the waste streams or municipalities, food processors and even cosmetic manufacturers.

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We have been thinking the WHOLE TIME that the obvious place for this type of wholistic and practical system to live is in an apartment building or office building. The density of our living makes us an excellent applicant for this type of process and the green component would be welcome amidst the concrete. This is an amazing resource. We believe in just putting it out there. MGR

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