Closet Relics

Closet Relics

May 1, 2008

The end of the Cure is so close we can taste it and, really, the only part left is the fun stuff. We know that this rewarding process has taken a lot out of you but, you must admit, it was worth it.

Throughout this intense eight-week project, you all bravely delved into the dark corners of your homes, the long-forgotten and secretive voids that seem to suck the air (as well as towels, golf clubs, old pants and crayons) right out of the room. Yes, we're talking about...our closets.

But there's no need to shudder at the thought of these useful spaces anymore! You've conquered them with deftness and precision. You may have a few battle wounds but we also know you have some great stories. So, Curers, pat yourself on the back and tell us...

We didn't fully cure our home this time around but we did tackle a long-overdue closet cleaning project. After we had pulled out all the contents, we faced our empty space and saw that it wasn't quite empty. Leaning in the corner, behind where our heavy winter coats used to be, was a pool cue. Say what?

We finally remembered that the previous tenant had left the stick behind. Originally, we had intended to mount it on the wall but then got distracted with moving in. It may have languished in our closet for a few years but we've outgrown the pool-cue-as-art phase and now it's in the trash.

So what was your secret oddity and where is it now?

Photo: BHG

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