The Look for Less: DIY Tripod Floor Lamp

Do or DIY

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To turn a "splurge" into a huge "save," you have to be a little lucky. Finding the right vintage elements to repurpose for DIY projects is a tough challenge, to be sure. But if you're in the right place — Craigslist — at the right time — constantly — you just might make a huge score.

Chris and Julie of DO or DIY definitely got lucky. After lusting after Restoration Hardware's $1395 Royal Marine Tripod Floor Lamp, they decided to try their hand at a DIY version and "immediately" found the perfect piece — a vintage wood and brass tripod for a telescope, at the bargain price of $60. 

After buying the necessary hardware and electrical components to turn the tripod into a floor lamp, the total price for this project came out to $91. That's a 93% savings from the RH version they fell in love with, without sacrificing anything on style.

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Check out more photos and details from the project on DO or DIY.

(Images: DO or DIY, Restoration Hardware)