The Lovely Lines of Linocut Prints

One of my favorite things that my fiance has brought to our cohabitation is a vintage linocut print of a town square. With it in mind, I started a search on Etsy today, and I found no shortage of impressive prints done in the technique. Here are just ten worthy samples.

I like linocut prints for their deliberate lines, and I also appreciate the way in which they can be so well done while still having small irregularities. The "imperfections" really only enhance the skill evidenced in the artwork.


1. Boston bull terrier N0.4, $25 from Akoakotomo
2. Boots, $90 from RachelClarkArt
3. City Windows, $78 from ZebedeePrint
4. Pileated Woodpecker, $20 from AnnaSee
5. Mark Twain, $15 from HorseAndHare


6. Mont Saint Michel, $25 from GreenBalloon
7. New Orleans House, $20.92 from VickyDay
8. Red Hens Pecking, $45 from ThreeBearsPrints
9. The Ridge Roof, $90 by MagPrint
10. Redemption Tree - White Oak, $25 by FeralOak

Images: As linked

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